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Ringer Collar | Unveiling Sensuality and Dominance

A BDSM Ringer Collar is a type of collar worn around the neck during BDSM play. This type of collar is typically made of leather, metal, or rubber and features a ring or loop that can be used as an attachment point for chains, leashes, or other bondage gear. 

Ringer Collar are typically designed to be tight-fitting and may be decorated with spikes, studs, or other embellishments. They can be used in a variety of BDSM scenarios, including dominance and submission play, bondage, and sensory deprivation. 

One common use for a choker ring is as a symbol of ownership in a BDSM relationship. The dominant partner may give the submissive partner a choker ring to wear as a sign of their submission and commitment to the relationship. In some cases, the choker ring may be inscribed with a message or design that is meaningful to the couple. 

Ringer Collar Use

Ringer Collar can also be used in conjunction with other BDSM gear, such as cuffs, ropes, or harnesses. The ring can be used to secure the submissive partner in place, or to guide them during play. 

As with all BDSM gear, it is important to establish clear boundaries and rules around the use of choker rings. Both partners should feel comfortable and safe during play, and communication is key to ensuring that everyone's needs and desires are being met

Ringer Collar